I had tried everything!

Although cost was never a real issue, I almost choked when I saw the price of Angel's Eyes. And the shock was compounded by knowing it wasn't a permanent solution but something my white minature poodle OLIVER would always have to take if I wanted bright, clean & clear eyes. I thought long and hard before buying that first tiny $32. bottle at the pet store. It only contained about 2 weeks of treatments, but none of the topical products had worked. Name it, I'd tried it.... I changed to a food without beets, cranberries, or blueberries. I only gave him bottled water as recommended by another poodle owner. I washed his face morning and night and kept applying products that promised to make his eyes diamond clear. The stain was so dark and permanent it certainly looked as if his eyes were bleeding down each side of his nose.

I can't say enough about this wonderful product and buy it in the largest possible size so I'm never without. Oliver is down to 3 times a week and it keeps that nasty red yeast away. It only took a few days to see the new growth around his eyes and by the end of the first week, I was able to carefully clip most of the stain away. It's been 2 months and Oliver's eyes sparkle. It's processed in a powdered liver base so there was very little problem getting him to accept it. I think I mixed a little grated cheese in the first week but he doesn't hesitate anymore, and he only eats dry food.

Great product and great company.

Good Product but not Overnight Wonder

I have a 10 month old purebred Bichon Frise. Only one of her eyes waters a little. The watering began when she was teething and loosing her baby teeth. Any watering on a pure white dog will stain no matter how much you clean it.

I gave the lowest recommended dose to her on top of her food. Her appetite did not change. (However, the powder does get in her hair- which Bichons have a lot of, so I will sprinkle a little water on top to make it stick to the food better.)After 2 months and 2 monthly hair trims (which is a must for Bichons), my babies eyes are BOTH white now. I am starting to give this to her every other day and try to wean her off of it. So far, the stains have not come back.

BEFORE giving this to your dog I would recommend the following: #1- Check their diet for dyes, beets, or by-products. My dog eats only Innova Puppy Food, so there are no dyes, beets, or by-products causing the staining. #2- Check for stray hairs- My baby has the hair trimmed back from her eyes, so the watering is not irritation. #3- Use only Stainless Steel Bowls- others could have dyes in the plastics.

Great product that really works.

I don't usually take the time to write a review on products but I had to write one for Angels Eyes. I have a 7lb Shih Tzu w/ all white fur around his face and this product has worked wonders. We got him at 12 weeks and the staining was really bad. I did not start using this product until he was 9 months old because I thought maybe he was just teething and it was causing the staining. I used Angels Eyes for 2-3 weeks before I actually saw a difference. I was happy that it worked but disappointed that there was still some staining. I have now used it for 2 months and the red staining is gone completely (after cutting the old fur away). He still tears when he's running around playing and his whiskers and fur is wet around the nose and mouth but there is no red color. He also has no problem eating the Angels Eyes if it's mixed in w/ some canned food.

I was elated in the beginning!

Angel's Eyes has great results, but I started noticing that my poodle's fur and skin were drying out. Also, the groomer had pointed this out, plus the groomer noticed that the poodle was developing a couple of sores on her paws. There is an ingredient in Angel's Eyes that is a natural antibiotic. The more research I did on this ingredient, I realized that it was not good for my poodle. It can cause fungus in the body.

I will not use it anymore, since there are side effects.

Angels Eyes Really Works!

I have been using Angels Eyes with my Maltese for over a year now. It really works. I agree that it is expensive, but it is the only thing I have found that not only eliminates tear stains, but actually seems to whiten the coat overall. I tried a competitive product with a very similar name but it was less palatable. As it is, I hide Angels Eyes in a tiny bit of canned food and my Maltese doesn't even notice. I am also at a point where just a teeny pinch maintains dry eyes and white coat. It took a couple of weeks for AE to work, but it has never stopped working. Buy this product and you will not be disappointed!

Angel's Eyes

This product really works. I have been giving it to my Cavachon dog now for a month and the staining is gone. You have to trim away the stained hair, but the new hair is stain free. The only draw back for some, might be the cost. I think it's worth it.

Works great, but made my dog sick

This product does work very well, that is why I was disappointed when my dog started vomiting after two weeks of using this stuff. I guess his system could not digest it. His vomit was filled with this stuff. When he first started vomiting I stopped giving him Angel's Eyes and the vomiting stopped. I gave him Angel's Eyes again and after a few days he started vomiting again. It is too bad it makes him sick, because it works very well.

No More Tear Stain

I've had Angel's Eyes for about 3 weeks and I can already see an improvement in my dogs appearance. She's a cream colored poodle so the red tear stains were always very apparent. Since I've been giving her the supplement I've noticed a considerable difference. Her eyes still get a little weepy every now and again but I'm confident that with continued use she'll only improve. The only downside is that even though Angel's Eyes is liver flavored, my puppy doesnt seem to like it very much. If i put it in with her breakfast she's sure to finish it before the end of the day but she definitely doesnt attach her food with the same gusto. It could just be that my dog is exceptionally picky. On the plus side, the supplement doesnt make her sick, (she has a weak stomach and tends to throw up just about anything that isn't her regular kibble). All in all, I would definetly recommend this product to anyone with a light colored puppy who has problems with unsightly tear stains.

Use caution with this product

While the product does work, be aware that Tylosin is actually a low grade antibiotic. After 2 weeks of use, both my Bichons developed diarhea - and that is when I discovered what Tylosin really is. Use of a daily antibiotic can kill the "good" intestinal bacteria and cause other problems. If you are planning on using this product, consult your veternarian first and use with caution!

Works like magic

This product really works. My Coton no longer has the unsightly brownish colored stains on his face. I was amazed that the stains started going away after only one week on this product. I will say that after a couple of weeks he refused to eat his food if it had Angle's Eyes in it and disliked it even more in his water. Since I wasn't going to stop giving him the Anglel's Eyes as it was working so well, I came up with something that worked for him. I started mixing it in with a little peanut butter and fed it to him on pieces of broken up dog biscuits or treats. He loved that and now looks forward to getting this special "treat" every day. So, don't be deterred if you pet doesn't like the taste - simply mix it in with something he loves and he will gobble it right up.

inner maltese - discovered

The tear staining was unattractive and emabarrassing (for me, not the dog). Of course everyone still gushed over how cute my maltese was, but I knew he looked sad. I also knew there was a beautiful maltese locked somewhere within the red eyed ugly duckling. Angel Eyes helped us find that. At first, he didn't like the taste, but now begs for his daily dose. I mix it with a small amount of vitamin supplement. He had a brief bout of diarrhea with it, so I backed off on the dosage (cut in 1/2 the dosage for his size). We still got great results (even in the first week) and his digestive system seems better. I read somewhere that the product acts as an antibiotic (which might explain the diarrhea), so I so recommend being careful about dosage and I plan to slowly cut back on the times per week I administer it.

Works on some dogs, not others

I've been using Angels' Eyes on my maltipoo for a year and it works great. I saw immediate results and was thrilled, as I that eye muck makes me queasy. Her coat, too, is beautiful! I receive comments constantly about how clean her eyes are. Then I got another white dog...it doesn't work on him! He's been taking Angels' Eyes since Nov.07 and his eyes are still dark and runny. Ugh! I keep hoping it will clear up, but so far, no luck.

adverse reaction

This incident report is about the Angel's Eyes powder used on a sixteen (160 Pound poodle, 7 Years old. The product was purchased based on advertising and received promptly.

When used the first day we noticed our dog could not keep his eyes open because of apparent light sensitivity. This continued until day two or for approximately 30 hours and gradually subsided. When the manufacture was called it was blamed on Liver allergy, which had never surfaced before. It was suggested we take the dog to a vet and he/she determined product sensitivity we could return the product for "up to 50% refund. If you are a perspective buyer I am sure you can do the math and understand why we did not follow through. (After the cost of bringing the dog to the vet and then shipping it would have cost me more)

The bad side - we spent about $80.00 on a product that did not work for us . The good side - our dog was/is just fine once the side effect, adverse reaction wore off.

Buyers be careful of this product

It Works!

I've been using this product for about 1 month and simply put the product REALLY works! No iffs ands or butts about it.

I don't even use it at the full strength recommended either. I use about 50-60 of the recommended amount.

My one recommendation to anyone looking to use this is product is not mix this into the pets water either (as the bottle recommends). My reason why is that the product will simply float in the water (even if you put it in the bowl and then add the water). Then if your pet doesn't drink all of their water the product becomes wasted. Instead I take a Tablespoon of wet dog food (my dog is on 100% dry food so this now becomes a treat for him) and mix the product in with that instead with a spoon. My dog eats it all up in a matter of seconds and gets all of the product also.

My dog still tears daily, but now the color is clear instead of red. My friends and family have also notices the difference too.

Lastly, I have noticed that once I skipped more than 2 days (if I forgot to give it too him) at this point in time the red stains started to come back. So I recommend that you don't miss more than one day until the bottle recommends that you move to a new feeding schedule, else you too will probably see this too.

Again, I highly recommend this item.

only partially successful

I originally bought the Beef Liver variety and found our white toy poodle was not over-happy about taking it. Then I started mixing it with Nutrocal and a little bit of water to make a tastier gruel. Went better thugh not without having to encourage her until finished. And the stains almost disappeared.

I then bought the Chicken Liver variety and mixed it with Nutrocal and water from the start. Our white poodle took it regularly for a couple of weeks with no signs of rejection but within the past week or so she backs away from her bowl. I have tried giving it to her as a neat powder with a spot of Nutrocal from my finger in between times to ease the taste but most often she rejects it. I shake the container to mix the contents as instructed but I feel there may a higher concentration of the medication further down the container due to some lack of homogeneity in the powder; or perhaps some deterioration of the product over time though I can't fathom why as I keep the container in the fridge and let the powder warm to room temperature before offering it.

Our grey miniature poodle had a noticeable stain below one eye despite the dark fur and was jealous of the feeding favoritism so I started giving her a lesser dosage mixture. She gobbles up both her and the white poodle's bowls and her stain has gone.

Use caution with this product

While the product does work, be aware that Tylosin is actually a low grade antibiotic. After 2 weeks of use, both my Bichons developed diarhea - and that is when I discovered what Tylosin really is. Use of a daily antibiotic can kill the "good" intestinal bacteria and cause other problems. If you are planning on using this product, consult your veternarian first and use with caution!

Miracle product!

I have four Maltese and am alway's looking for a safe way to deal with tear stains. Angel Eye's is a wonderful product that works extremely well. I mix it with a small spoon full of canned holistic dog food and my maltese love it. It has even helped with one of them having allergies.